Issue 10.2, Spring 2013

Shed Season, Karen Munro
Loose Ends, Weike Wang
Abel, Ian Sanquist
Reapings, Jason Lobell
Ceremony, Naira Kuzmich
Resonance, Carol LaHines
That Old-Time Religion, Lyle Roebuck
Portrait of Armenian Girl Bathing, Undated, Naira Kuzmich
To the Doorman of 471 Brookline Ave, Weike Wang
Apricots, Naira Kuzmich


Revenge of the Spider King, Kate McIntyre
The Invisible Mother, Thao Thai
Steady, Cynthia Brandon Slocum
Fatherhood, Sean Ironman


Dear Night Possessor, Ashley Toliver
Christmas, Julia Anna Morrison
Big Sur, Megan Fernandes
Pantoum by Leonard Cohen, Richard Prins
From Zamboanga to Hong Kong, Rebecca Morgan Frank
Quartz, Dan Kraines
Egyptian Daydream, Lisa Hiton
Arlington, Lisa Hiton
Castle Speaks, Catherine Jean Pond
Curdle & Churn, Kristin George Bagdanov
Clock Elegy, John James
When He Pins Your Knees at Your Ears, Doug Paul Case
Faith–The Witch Offers Something to Believe In, Liz Kay
The Doctor Told Me The Shots Would Make Me Spin Silk, Oliver Bendorf
Eurydice and Orpheus Stay Up Late, Janet McNally
Leavetaking, Blas Falconer


Don’t Sit on the Worms, Dawn Olsen
Commuting in Namibia, April Dobbins
Another Nature, Susan Breen
For the Fallen, Susan Breen
Uneasy, Dawn Olsen
Behind the billboard, just in  back of it, life is real. (or, Rainer Maria Rilke), Liz Laribee


Book Reviews
Shampoo Horns, Charlotte Seley
Robinson Alone, June Rockefeller


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