Issue 7.2, Spring 2010


  • Keith Alexander, Career Advice
  • Emily Bobo, Eureka Downs: “It Makes You Cry”
  • Traci Brimhall, Aubade in Which I Untangle Her Hair
  • Traci Brimhall, Prayer for Deeper Water
  • Alison Doernberg, Mathematics
  • Alison Doernberg, Rain at Grayton Beach
  • Bill Edmondson, Jazz Alfresco
  • Timothy Fitzmaurice, Once, in Texas
  • David Huddle, Hilltop Sonnet
  • Richard Jackson, Isaac’s Consent
  • Janet Jennings, Cowrie
  • Michael McFee, Tail
  • Michael McFee, Yawning
  • Wayne Miller, Occupation: A Found Poem
  • Wayne Miller, The Wall
  • Cecily Parks, Savage
  • Isaac Pressnell, Occultation
  • James Richardson, The Rich Man Sotto Voce
  • James Richardson, Star
  • Milan Rufus, translated by Allan Stevo, Footprints in the Snow
  • Milan Rufus, translated by Allan Stevo, My Days
  • Ali Shapiro, Farmsitting
  • Gary Soto, A Changed Man
  • Gary Soto, An Afternoon to the River
  • Patrick Swaney, For Example


  • Matt Bell, A Long Walk, With Only Chalk to Mark the Way
  • Christopher Boucher, Maryland
  • Christopher Boucher, The New Allen
  • J. Bowers, Shooting a Mule
  • Ron Carlson, The Captain’s Daughter
  • Joe Celizic, Reborn
  • Michael Kimball, I Was Supposed to Be an Actor
  • Dan Moreau, Resource Officer
  • Kelcey Parker, Fortnight in D Minor
  • Molly Reid, The Rapture Index
  • Davy Rothbart, At the Inn
  • Davy Rothbart, The Combination
  • Jake Wolff, The Balloon Twister





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